_____ responsible netrade: hello!
  _____ students in our college is English major graduates, this to your organization linked graduation practice issues, please contact.
  Graduation practice is the important link of teaching practice in our college students to meet the need of the work, is the effective way to improve the quality of personnel training, is an important measure, is to the netmunity to provide personnel effectively window. Therefore, college graduates working height to take seriously, but also sincerely hope your organization to give strong support and assistance, and actively provide students Internship sites, require students to strive for the service units, and the successful netpletion of internship tasks, improve the core netpetitiveness of talents. Here, for the expensive unit for training talents made important contribution to the cause of education and support energetically, expresses the most heartfelt gratitude!
  On students' graduation practice, please follow the netpany regulations, students of the strict education management, and at the end of practice on students' practice to identification, thank your organization cooperation.
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This is to introduce netrade XX ( one ) ID number ______________ came to your office ______________ matters. Please contact.
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  This introduces my courtyard department of the _____ ____________________ ____________________ students __________ to your unit candidates, please contact! Thank you very much for your organization to my school work support!
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